Kansas Small Business LoansRSS

Find Kansas revolving small business loan programs made available by economic development agencies, local government, state programs to create jobs and build communities. Just a few examples of the Kansas small business loan programs on our site include:


Local Sources

  • North Central Kansas Rural Development offers loan funds for businesses in certain Kansas Counties.
  • Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative has low interest business loans available for entrepreneurs in their service area. 
  • The North Central Regional Planning Commission has loans available depending on job creation or retention.
  • Prairie Land Electric Cooperative, Inc offers a revolving loan fund for businesses in certain Kansas counties.
  • The Rural Economic and Community Development business loan programs are designed to assist small businesses in the more rural areas in Southwest Kansas.
  • South Central Kansas Economic Development has funding available for small businesses that have modest credit needs and do not qualify for financing from traditional credit sources.
  • Great Plains Development loan program is designed to assist small businesses in the more rural areas in Southwest Kansas.
  • NetWork Kansas in partnership with the Kansas Department of Commerce introduces a new matching loan fund to help businesses across Kansas. 
  • The Rural Business Development Loan Program is for small businesses in Kansas that need loans between $2,500 and $50,000.
  • Butler County Economic Development has funds available for small start-up and existing businesses in Butler County, Kansas. 
  • Four Rivers has a loan program provides for certain Kansas businesses that offers down payment assistance for business projects that appear viable.

Federal Sources The Small Business Administration (SBA) and USDA Rural Development also provide loan guarantee programs for Kansas entrepreneurs who need additional assistance in qualifying for bank financing.