CDBG Business Loan Programs – Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council

Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council
PO Box 1499
Osage Beach

Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council offers several loan programs for Missouri business in Camden, Miller and Morgan County. CDBG Action Fund Loan Program- provides a loan to certain for-profit companies that need funds for start-ups or expansion when other sources have been exhausted. Companies in non-entitlement areas apply to local government who apply to the State. Manufacturing, processing and assembly companies are eligible as long as wages are above the county average and medical benefits are provided. Funds can be used for new machinery, equipment and working capital. CBDG Loan Guarantee Program- provides gap financing for new and expanding businesses. Upon companies applying to the local government and the local government applying to the State, the State can issue loan finds for the “gap” in the financing scenario. New machinery and equipment or working capital are eligible uses. The maximum available is the lesser of $400,000 per project or $25,000 per job created or retained. CDBG Interim Financing Loan- provides short-term cash flow relief for a company. The eligible businesses are for profit manufacturing, processing and assembly companies that will have wages above the county average and provide medical benefits. An application must be provided by the locality on behalf of the local government. Amount and interest rate will be provided by the State. Term is usually 18 months and collateral is a Letter of Credit from a financial institution. CDBG Micro-enterprise Loan- the purpose of this program is to offer grants to Missouri localities to improve local facilities, address safety and health concerns and develop a greater capacity for growth. This program is aims at small business development by supporting a local loan fund. The fund is only available to non entitlement funds. The maximum award is $100,000 or $15,000 per job. Project must meet one of three national objectives.

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