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NetWork Kansas in partnership with the Kansas Department of Commerce introduces a new matching loan fund to help businesses across Kansas. The Kansas Capital Multiplier Loan Fund provides more than $10.5 million in matching loans to businesses raising capital in the form of loans from banks, certified development companies, and other private capital resources. Qualifying businesses are eligible to apply for up to 9% of private capital loans and investment. Eligible Matches Private capital includes: loans from banks or other private lenders (includes those guaranteed by a government agency, such as SBA and USDA), the increased amount of an existing line of credit, and equity investment from new or existing owners. Fund Benefits – Multiplier loans are subordinate to private capital loans – Flexible terms Minimal closing costs – Funds can be used for a variety of purposes, including working capital – Businesses can be located in both rural and urban areas Eligible Businesses – For-profit businesses with no more than 500 employees Terms – The minimum loan amount is $25,000. The maximum amount varies depending on the total amount of private capital invested in a project.