Looking for ways to fund the startup or expansion of a business? BusinessLoanFunds.com provides free resources to help entrepreneurs find capital for their business.  From loans from banks, to community loan programs to many other options, our mission is to educate and provide direction to entrepreneurs.


Below are six of the most popular sources of small business loans or click here to see the whole list.   If you have a specific question and would like advice or read questions from other entrepreneurs, click here

Conventional Loans

Whether starting or expanding a small business, entrepreneurs are likely going to need access to capital. While some can finance their business with personal funds …

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SBA Loan Guarantees

When most people think of business loans, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is inevitably brought up.   To clear up a common myth or misconception …

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Revolving & Micro Loans

Revolving and micro loan programs have been around for many years but they are seldom used by small businesses. These loans are provided by states, counties, …

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Business Credit Cards

Depending on what you need the money for, credit cards may provide an easier way to finance the startup or expansion of a business. If …

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Alternative Lenders

Alternative lending is a relatively new process where small businesses can get a loan through places other than banks. Similar to how you can get …

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Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer or P2P lending is an fairly new option for small businesses to obtain funding. P2P lending bypasses the bank and directly connects …

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Popular FAQ’s

What is an SBA loan and would I want one?

I hear that term a lot when looking for small business financing but not sure why I would want the government more involved in my business than it already is.

Our Response – In some cases you don’t want or need an SBA loan.   First off, let’s dispel a common myth about SBA loans.  Continued

What is the best business loan for a minority woman?

There were a handful of loan and loan guarantee programs about a decade ago that have since mostly been phased out that targeted women and minority businesses…  Continued

If I am applying for a business loan, what type of information does the bank usually ask for?

Our Response – When applying for a business loan there are a number of forms and documents to fill out for the bank.  While the information required may vary by bank, here are a number of items that are typically required:  Continued

Can I use my home equity to finance a business?

Our Response – If you own a home and have built up equity, using a home equity loan to finance a business is an option.  Now many people don’t want to consider this option because:  Continued

What are SBA's collateral requirements?

Our Response – Even though the SBA provides a guarantee to the bank, there are still SBA collateral requirements to get a business loan.  Collateral is an additional form of security:  Continued